About us




About us

"tsy Bitsy Kennel? Who´s that? Let me tell you a little bit about us guys.

We are a small family of three, some times extended to six.


Me, (I´m Christine), a nurse working in a big, university hospital. I´m also mum to two lovely boys, one grown up and one a "little bit" younger. Then there´s my fiancé (that´s right, still not married after almost nine years with rings on our fingers) Erik, educated teacher and also a nurse assistant, at the time being working as a teacher. He is also a handyman, much appreciated by myself. Last, but not least, there is Lukas, our 7 year old son. He´s a very active boy always on the move. His favorite activity is playing football, the number one reason he wanted to start school a year ago. (Where we live, you´re not allowed to join the local football team before you have started school.) According to people who know the game he is also a very talented player.


Erik has two more children from a previous relationship; Julie (16) and Vegard (14). And I have Sebastian (24). When we´re all gathered it can be a tight squeeze in our small house, but as they say in Norway; "where there is heart room, there is house room.


We live about15 minutes outside the city centre of Bergen, up a long, steep hill, at a place called Skinstø, 225 meters above sea level. We fell for this place because of the panoramic view, the woods and the mountains just outside our doorstep, and the lovely, fresh air. The only problem I can think of, living as we do, might be the trouble getting up the steep hill when snows comes tumbling down in the winter. The snow seems to stay on longer up here as we are placed on top of a "mountain".


Three years ago we decided something was missing in our lives. Our family was not complete without a pet. Both Erik and Lukas were sure it had to be a dog. I was not so sure, always having been a little afraid of dogs. I even told Erik I was not sure I could love a dog. (Silly, silly me!) That was before Itsy Bitsy, Luna as we called her, came into our lives one dark October night in 2010. The prettiest little "thing" on earth. A little, white, cuddly "ice bear" . Our hearts melted.

Now, three years later, I am known as "the crazy dog lady" for people at my workplace and amongst friends. And think a life without a dog must be a very empty one.


Luna comes from the kennel Ostretunet. Jannike Steindal Nordanger (the owner of the kennel) has been unique in helping us into the world of dogs. She has been teaching us soo much, there is not a thing she doesn´t know about this lovely breed. We are all so thankful for support in raising Luna.


She also introduced us to dog show arena. Luna entered Dogs4All in Lillestrøm, just outside Oslo, our capitol (the largest dog show in Norway) when she was just 15 months old. This was her first dog show ever. We even travelled by airplane, Luna tucked into a little carrier bag at the airplane cabin below the seat. It might have been a bit more sensible showing her at a small, local show. But as I told you.... Crazy dog lady...


One show became many, and in September 2012, Luna became Norwegian beauty champion at the Norwegian Kennel Club´s (NKK) national dog show in Bryne, Rogaland, just after having turned two years old. We were all so proud of her and celebrated this fantastic event with a glass of bubbly.


Well, now the time has come for Luna to have her first litter. We thought long and hard before deciding on the male dog that should be the happy father of her puppies. We wanted a healthy, strong male with nice temper and landed on Humpty Dumpty, also from Kennel Ostretunet. There was love at first sight so in November, hopefully, we´ll have a litter of lovely, cuddly "ice beers" to everyones fun and amusement.

We are so happy having the opportunity to continue the line of Luna´s / Itsy Bitsy´s lovely genes."