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Itsy Bitsy av Ostretunet - Luna

"Itsy Bitsy av Ostretunet", or Luna which is her every day name, was born at Ostretunet Kennel on 10th of August 2010. She was one of three puppies in her litter. Her mother, Pernille" had two girls and one male puppy; Incy Wincy and I´m a Gigolo. Four days earlier Xelia, another dog of same breed, had seven puppies at the same kennel. So it is safe to say it was quite lively at Ostretunet when Erik, Lukas and I took the trip to Radøy, just an hour outside bergen, to visit Jannike and all her pups one early day in October..


Once we had decided on getting a dog we were thinking of a larger breed, portuguese water dog, as we have one of the kind in our neighborhood. But that was before I fell in love with a white dog outside the market place nearby our home. Later, we found this breed on the internet; Japanese Spitz. We liked what we read about the breed, also that it is allergy-friendly. At that time, Erik was not sure if he suffered from dog allergy.


Well, short story, there were no japanese spitzes available once we started looking for a breeder in our area, but up popped an advert for Mittelspitzes, and Jannikes Kennel Ostretunet. We wanted a girl as first time dog buyers. Jannike had no girls available, but suggested we came to visit, just to see if we liked this breed of dogs and to check out Eriks alleged allergy or not.


Luckily it turned out one girl became available, and Erik was all fine after having spent two hours on the floor with 11 Mittelspitz puppies, two Mittel mums, and three more dogs. A few weeks later we picked up Itsy Bitsy, and after some discussion we named her Luna. Lukas, our boy then 4 years old, had always had this fascination over the moon, so Luna was a natural choice we all liked an agreed on once it came through to our minds.


The snow came early in 2010 and as it turned out Luna loved it. Lukas and Luna had a lot of fun out in the garden in all the snow. But not for long at the time, even though Mittelspitzes have great, thick fur small puppies get cold fairly quickly.


Luna learned easiedly to wee and pooh outside in the snow, later on the grass. She has alwas been a bit of a fussy eater but grew rapidly and by the time she was around 7 months reached her match weight of around 6,5 kg. She is a perfect sized Mittelspitz.


At the age of 15 months she entered her first dog beauty competition just outside Oslo in Lillestrøm at the annual Dogs4All international show. New as we were to this "world" we were happy to get a blue ribbon which is Very Good and 2nd price. Later, we entered many more shows and by the time she turned two she became Norwegian Champion and her official title is now Nuch Itsy Bitsy av Ostretunet. We are so proud of her achievements in the ring. As a family we have had great joy in traveling around Norway (and Denmark) joining dog shows and seeing new places.


Now she is a grown up lady at the age of three. She´s known as the princess of Skinstø where we live.

We hope she´ll give a nice litter after her date with handsome Humpty Dumpty av Ostretunet, a lovely, cream male Mittelspitz